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      NEW CONCEPT: food packaging safe by design    
Main keywords: food packaging, migration testing, molecular modeling, probabilistic modeling,
consumer exposure, risk assessment, EU legislation, mass transport, diffusion, sorption, desorption

Welcome to our research server (reloaded after a big crash)
Scientific publications in connection with this website are accessible here.

last revision: Jan, 7th, 2014


This site is dedicated to the development of decision tools based on numerical simulation and databases for the food and packaging community.

The initial idea is to translate in a short way laboratory made computational tools into operative tools:
       for compliance verification according to the EU plastics directive 2002/72/EC and regulation 2004/1935//EC;
       to optimize the design of safe packaging materials for food contact (with reduced migration);
       to assess the contamination level of packaged food available on the market (risk assessment);
       to contribute to the evaluation of the consumer exposure to substances orginating from plastic materials.

Click here to see some snapshots (the content depends on previous runs). Videos and webinars are freely available in the left menu virtual experiments. Publications, which are relevant with the content of this site, are given here. Some scientific questions in our scope are detailed here. Unlimited browsing is authorized on cached pages. For a complete access to numerical tools and databases in the left menu, you need an account (it is free for a moderate usage).

Visitors/users, who are mainly interested in COMPLIANCE TESTING of food contact materials (FCM), are invited to read first the interactive help and to follow in the left menu: Decision tools for compliance testing and Food Packaging safety (QSPR-MS). An interactive demonstration of available features is proposed here.

The collaborative research project SafeFoodPack Design (2011-2014) is running.

      Getting started (program, open positions)

      Why our SafeFoodPack Design concepts may be useful for you (some illustrations)

Examples of numerical tools on our online servers (some of them require a valid account)

      interfaces to numerical tools optimized for the food industry and the packaging industry,
      molecular calculations, 3D visualization, search of molecules,
      decision trees for classification and prediction,
      simulation of the diffusion in 1D and 2D (free geometry),
      dedicated decision tools (e.g. for recycled materials)
      modeling under uncertainties and variabilities (probabilistic modeling),
      exposure assessment taking into account consumer and industry practices,
      Java applets to illustrate the "universality" of diffusive phenomena at molecular scale,
      several webinar and lectures in various fields in connection with the site,
      an European database of transport properties in polymers.

Safe Food Packaging Portal version 3 (SFPP3) is available (freeware, modifiable)

��SFPP3 = a freely distributable application server with rich-content clients and strong traceability requirements (click here to have an overview).
��SFPP3 = obey to open standards and can be easily modified/updated (click here for the technical documentation).
��Ask for an account and try SFPP3 online without installing it.
��Download SFPP3 and install it on your computer as a standalone (default) or deploy it on your LAN (win32 only, a Linux version will be made available).
��Please read the license before installing and using SFPP3.

Feel free to apply for a free account, if you think that our tools can help you.
�Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (France) \ Dr Olivier Vitrac

Open positions for the French project SafeFoodPack Design are available here.



SAFE FOOD PACKAGING version 3 (SFPP3) is released

(free server with rich-content client)

e.g. Plastic additive
 �A new food-packaging application server that can be installed everywhere: SFPP3. Try it without installing it: follow this link.
   Add dynamically layers to multilayer interfaces: Desorption, Permeation
   Web 2 oriented interfaces for QSPR-MS tools
   Generating PDF reports from main migration, desorption, permeation, food3D applications
   New general code for permeation/sorption/desorption
   Geometrical modeling of 3D realistic food products
   New code for multilayer materials: Multilayer_1DFVn
   Interactive interfaces to java applets: sorption, permeation
   Assistant based on detailed examples
   Database application: new updates inluding analysis and graphical tools
   Java Applets: illustrations of brownian motions
   interfaces designed for both food and packaging industries
   search Tg and Tm values
   guidance document for compliance testing
   search SML and CP0 values
   new databases (EaD, EaK, S, EaS), HTML code within database fields
   on line databases on D and K values
   multilayers improvements
   better communication between modules
   crossed links between pages
   advanced search of molecules
   fast preview of molecules
   some new videos
   presentation of Luigi Rossi (DG SANCO, EU Commission)